Erik van Veenendaal

Improve IT Services BV,

A leading international consultant, trainer, and recognized expert in software testing, Erik van Veenendaal ( is the founder of Improve Quality Services BV, a company that specializes in testing, requirements engineering, and quality management. Erik is the author of a number of books and papers, one of the core developers of the TMap testing methodology and the TMMi improvement model, a participant in working parties of the International Software Testing Qualification Board (ISTQB), and currently on the TMMi Foundation board. He is a frequent speaker at international testing and agile conferences. For his major contributions to the field of testing, Erik received the European Testing Excellence Award.

Lee Copeland

Software Quality Engineering

With more than forty years of experience as an information systems professional at commercial and nonprofit organizations, Lee Copeland has held technical and managerial positions in applications development, software testing, and software process improvement. At Software Quality Engineering, Lee has developed and taught numerous training courses on software development and testing issues, and is a sought-after speaker at software conferences in the United States and abroad. He is the author of the popular reference book, A Practitioner’s Guide to Software Test Design.

Raffi Margaliot

Application Delivery Management, HP Software

Raffi Margaliot serves as senior vice president of the Application Delivery Management business unit within HP Software. His team is transforming the delivery of the new style applications by helping customers develop and deliver unbreakable applications running on multiple devices and operating systems that provide mobile users with exceptional and secure user experiences.
Margaliot is also leading the HP Software user experience team that drives a consistent modern user experience across the HP Software suite of products. Additionally he is responsible for the HP Software global innovation program, which is dedicated to creating a culture of innovation and harnesses the collective genius of the workforce for the purpose of generating substantial innovations in a systematic, prolific and robust way.
He previously held a number of GM roles within HP Software, leading both the Enterprise Mobility and IT Management-as-as-Service business units.
Margaliot joined HP in 2006 through the acquisition of Mercury Interactive. At Mercury, he held a number of R&D and product management roles and was a founding engineer for what is now the HP Application Lifecycle Management platform.
He holds both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Computer Science from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Margaliot is based in Yehud, Israel.