The Story of SEETEST 2015

In 2015, on the 15th and 16th of October the fourth edition of the SEETEST Conference took place in Sofia, Bulgaria. More than 210 specialists in the area of software quality took part in the event, the success of which was equal or even surpassed the success of the three SEETEST conferences held before – in 2008, 2009 and 2014.

As the tradition goes, the conference program was again divided into two days – the first day (15.10.2015) was a tutorial day and the second day (16.10.2015) was a conference day when 3 keynote speeches and 15 presentations were presented to the participants.

The first day of SEETEST 2015, known as a tutorial day consisted of 6 tutorials, presented by well – known speakers, authors of many books, specialists devoted to the promotion of the profession of a QA and devoted to the idea to deliver software with a quality without doubt. Their passion is the software quality and they have dedicated their professional, even personal life to the idea to gain and share knowledge with other specialists as to how to build a successful process for ensuring the software quality.

After the really tiresome day of 6 tutorials, an after party in the Military Club was organized. It was a real energizer for the second day of the conference and allowed everybody to relax and allowed the attendees to have eye to eye conversations with the speakers and the organizers.
The second conference day of SEETEST 2015, 16.10.2015 began with a speech of the Conference chair, Mitko Mitev who shared with the audience his excitement about the fact that the conference is back to Bulgaria in 2015. He also outlined that the main goal of the conference is to build up a network among the QA specialists, a network in which they can share knowledge and experience and be of help to one another. As a Conference chair, Mitko Mitev is really proud of the success of the four SEETEST conferences held so far – in 2008, 2009 and 2014. The conference continued with the 15 presentations selected by the Program Committee among around 30 handed presentations. They were all very interesting and well – founded and the Program Committee members had to make a really hard choice. The topics of the presentations and their content reflected their experience and were aimed at discussing problems being met by every QA specialist in the daily work.

In addition to the fifteen presentations, 3 keynote speeches also were foreseen in the program of the second day of SEETEST 2015. The keynotes had a huge impact on the participants and were deliberating on the important for every QA themes of building a successful team (Building on Success, Erik van Veenendaal, Improve IT Services BV, Bonaire) delivering an amazing app in the rapidly – changing modern world (Deliver Amazing Apps with Confidence, Raffi Margaliot, HP, Israel) and on the problem that every meets or its “banana principle” – when is the right time to stop the testing (the banana principle for testers: knowing when to stop testing, Lee Copeland, Software Quality Engineering, USA).

Three awards were bestowed to their proud owners during the second day of SEETEST 2015. All the winners had the chance to celebrate their success in advance – during the Social Event.
Next year the conference will come back to Bucharest, Romania.

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SEETEST 2015: Awards Time

SEETEST 2015 was an honoured host of the fourth bestowment of the International Software Testing Excellence Award by ISTQB. This is an annual prize that is given for outstanding contributions to the field of software quality and this year’s winner is Mr. Erik van Veenendaal, Improve IT Services BV, Bonaire. The award was presented to Mr. Erik van Veenendaal by the Vice President of ISTQB – Mr. Yaron Tsubery, at the end of his keynote speech during the second day of the SEETEST 2015. The bestowment of the award was an excellent end to the speech of Mr. Erik van Veenendaal – “Building on Success” which without any doubt showed us that his outstanding contribution to the area of software quality, he is so willing to share, really helps us build on success.

At the end of the second day of SEETEST 2015, during the closing words of the Conference Chair, Mitko Mitev two more awards were bestowed by him – one for Best Paper and one for Best Presentation.

The award for Best Paper, which was chosen by the Program Committee (14 members from 8 countries) went to Mr. Anton Angelov, Telerik, Bulgaria. The topic of his presentation: 3 Design Patterns for More Reliable and Maintainable UI Test and its content attracted many attendees.
A great success was the presentation of the winner of the Best Presentation Award – Mr. Claudiu Draghia, Capgemini, Romania. During his presentation “Learn, know and understand requirements” there was no free space in the room and his presentation skills astonished every attendee. The public was unanimous in its vote for Best Presentation.

The three winners – Mr. Erik van Veenendaal – International Software Excellence Award (ISTQB), Mr. Anton Angelov – Best Paper Award and Mr. Claudiu Draghia – Best Presentation had the chance to celebrate their success in advance, during the Social Event of SEETEST 2015 that was held on the first day of the conference in the Military Club. The Social Event not only allowed the winners to celebrate in advance, but also gave the participants the opportunity to have an eye - to – eye conversation with the speakers and have a really great time after the long day of tutorials when they needed to be focused.

The Social Event was a powerful energizer for the second day of the conference, filled with a lot of joy and dances.

Once again, congratulations to the winners!

We are delighted to announce that we have published SEETEST photos in the social media.
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SEETEST 2015, 15 – 16 October with more than 210 participants ended with a tremendous success!!! Enjoy the amazing photos of SEETEST 2015

Posted by SEETEST on 5 ноември 2015 г.

SEETEST 2015 Conference ended with a great success!

SEETEST 2015, 15 – 16 October with more than 210 participants ended with a tremendous success!!!

This year we are back to Bulgaria (SEETEST 2014 was in Bucharest, Romania) and we are happy to announce that SEETEST 2015 ended successfully, leaving us new knowledge and many good memories. The organizers (SEETB and Quality House Ltd. as a co-organizer) would like to thank the speakers, the sponsors, the participants, the program committee, the supporting organizations and the media partners for making the conference one of the top events in the IT area for the South East European Region.

We would like to thank to our international speakers for their excellent tutorials and keynote speeches:

• Lee Copeland, Exploratory Testing Explained (Software Quality Engineering, USA)
• Erik van Veenendaal, Practical Risk – Based Testing (Improve IT Services BV, Bonaire)
• Clive Bates, How Good is your Testing? Check it out with TMMi (Experimentus, UK)
• Olivier Denoo, Should I Weigh or Should I Go – Do’s and Don’ts about Metrics (Ps_Testware, Belgium)
• Yaron Tsubery, Load & Performance – Practical Principles (Enghouse Interactive, Israel)
• Klaus Olsen, Using Scrum Methods as a Test Manager (, Denmark)
• Raffi Margaliot - Deliver Amazing Apps with Confidence (HP Software, Israel)

Sharing their experience and knowledge with the audience is of great use for every QA and will definitely provoke putting into practice better or even new approaches, practices and methods. Their tutorials and keynote speeches will also help for the improvement of the QA process.

The Program Committee (14 members from 8 countries) has done an excellent job in the selection of the presentations for the Conference Day – special thanks for their commitment and choice! Out of over 30 paper submissions from 6 countries, i.e. Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Norway, Hungary and Slovenia, the Program Committee compiled an excellent conference day program addressing a broad range of topics on software quality. The presentations they selected made us question the approaches and methods we use now. They also managed to show to all the participants in SEETEST 2015 that the QA specialists from all over the world face similar problems in their everyday work.

We would like to kindly thank to our sponsors for their support – HP (a Platinum Sponsor) and iSQI (a Silver Sponsor).
Special gratitude to the supporting organizations – BASSCOM, BAIT, ANIS, HUSTEF, MASIT, SJSI,, Vojvodina ICT Cluster, Test’RS Club, SoftUni and SEPE. We appreciate very much the help of the media partners of the SEETEST 2015 – JobTiger, Computerworld and ITeventZ.

Last, but not least – a big “Thank you” to all the participants in SEETEST 2015 – in the event participants from Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, USA, Bonaire, Israel, UK, Belgium, Denmark, Hungary, Norway, Slovenia, Germany and other countries took part.

Without you all we would not have been able to succeed in making the event as it was! Join us in Romania in 2016.

Thank you!

SEETEST 2015 - Early Bird started Register now!

South East European Testing Board (SEETB) and Quality House Ltd. would like to cordially invite you to take part in SEETEST 2015.

The conference will take place in Sofia, Bulgaria 15-16 October 2015.

For registering before September 15th you will get 20% Early Bird discount!

Make sure to take advantage of our discounts*:
- 10% discount for groups of 5 or more
- 10% discount for students
- 10% discount for members of BASSCOM, BAIT, ANIS, MASIT, SJSI,, TestRSClub, VOICT
- 10% discount for ISTQB partners.

* Please bear in mind that discounts do not count additive.

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It would be a great pleasure to welcome you as a guest at SEETEST 2015 in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Call For Papers - Deadline Extended

SEETEST 2015 Call for Papers has been extended!

Due to the big interest to the SEETEST 2015 Conference, the period for submitting papers has been extended up to September 15, 2015.

Important Dates:

Submission of papers until: September 15, 2015
Notification of acceptance: September 17, 2015
Submission of final paper: September 20, 2015
Submission of tutorial and paper slides: September 20, 2015

You can find detailed information: HERE

Please support us by forwarding this invitation to all your colleagues and friends.

Erik van Veenendaal will be keynote speaker on the Fourth Edition of SEETEST this year:

Erik van Veenendaal

Recognized as an internationally testing expert, author of a number of books and has published a large number of papers within the profession. He is a regular keynote and tutorial speaker at international testing conferences. For his major contribution to the field of testing, Erik received the "European Testing Excellence Award".

On the first day of the conference Erik will present a tutorial on the topic: "Practical Risk-based Testing". Erik's keynote speech will take place on the second day of the conference, the topic for this year's conference will be "Building on Success".

One of the Keynote Speeches will be given by top executive of the international software testing scene:

Lee Copeland

With more than forty years of experience as an information systems professional at commercial and nonprofit organizations, Lee Copeland has held technical and managerial positions in applications.
Lee presents at software conferences in the United States and abroad. He is the author of the most comprehensive, up-to-date, and practical introduction to software test design, "A Practitioner's Guide to Software Test Design".

On the first day of the conference Lee will present a tutorial on the following topic: Exploratory Testing Explained. Lee's keynote speech will take place on the second day of the conference on the topic: "The Banana Principle for Testers: Knowing When to Stop Testing".