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Practical Risk-based Testing

Although most projects implicitly use some kind of risk-based approach for prioritizing testing activities, critical testing decisions should be based on a thorough product risk assessment process with key business drivers as the foundation. PRISMA (PRoduct RISk MAnagement), a practical method for performing systematic product risk assessments is presented. It is explained how to carry out risk identification and enalyzes, and how to use the outcome to select the best test approach. Learn how to use PRISMA in both traditional and agile projects, including creating an agile sprint test plan. Practical experiences are shared, problems overcome and results observed employing product risk assessments. Learn how to optimize your test effort by including product risk assessment in your testing practices. Develop a rigorous approach to inform project stakeholders about important testing decisions and provide clear visibility on product risk status.

Geoff Thompson


How good is your testing? Check it out with TMMi

The aim of this workshop is to provide background and to help the attendees understand how to deliver qualitative and quantitative process improvements using the TMMi model.

It explains what TMMi is, and why it is different from other models.

To help understand the benefits of the TMMi model the workshop will also include a quick assessment which will provide an indicative view of where within the 5 levels of TMMi, each attendees company, project or team is currently positioned

The agenda is:

• Why improve the test process?
• TMMi in detail
• TMMi Quick Assessment and results

Graham Bath


Soft Skills for Managers

This tutorial will give you practical help, tips and ideas which will increase your awareness for “soft skills” issues in managing projects. The tutorial covers a number of important issues concerning soft skills:

Relating to different stakeholders: Managers communicate with many stakeholders and team members, so it’s essential that they know what motivates them and how to interact with them properly.

Asking good questions: Knowing how to ask “good” questions will help to structure discussions and get the best information from people.

How to give and receive feedback from people: Managers rely on their teams to give them feedback about the project. In addition test managers need to give people encouragement and advice on how they can improve their work.

Listening: Managers need to be good listeners.

Getting Your Message Across: This section gives you a wide range of tips on how to get your message across to your audience.

Reaching Agreement: Reaching agreement with people can be difficult, especially if there are a wide range of different views and personalities involved.

Making Things Happen: To make things happen, managers need an understanding of what motivates people and how we should approach the human issues concerning change.

Vipul Kocher

Pure Testing

Mobile Application Testing 101

This tutorial is aimed at professionals in the area of mobile application testing. This tutorial focuses on techniques and methods for testing mobile applications. The course is largely OS-independent and techniques taught here can be applied to all types of mobile applications. The course also provides hands-on testing using buggy applications. This course focusses on tests specific to mobile applications as opposed to generic testing principles and techniques. Participants may want to bring their own laptops (Windows or Mac) and preferably android devices for the exercises. The tutorial builds on the CMAP© Mobile App Testing - Foundation Level certification.

Yaron Tsubery


Load & Performance – Practical Principles

Load & performance, belong to the top ten list of most freighting words in software development especially when it comes to the point of sale of your product at times of extremely competitive market. One word that is really frightening is the word … STRESS (doesn’t it give you the shivers just hearing it?).
This tutorial will get you acquainted with the terms in subject and will donate to your understanding of the whole desired process stages from Sales meetings through Design and architecture, Ways of implementation, Testing aspects and finally presenting results and reports. A part of the process you’ll be advised about ways to be aligned with your customer’s expectations, means that you’ll need to know and control the required lingo of the load profession, whether you’re sales person, developer or test engineer (e.g. ‘usage & traffic model’, ‘throughput’ etc’). You’ll be exposed to design and architecture solutions among with special guidelines for code writing and implementation.
The load test engineers will understand better what the required information to initiate load & performance is; what to search for and how to improve their testing coverage, how & what to report and present in order to give an added value to those who make the decisions.
This practice is focused on projects of complex systems, delivered to telecommunication companies under restricted rules and stiff exit criteria elements, among tense delivery timelines.

Rex Black


Fundamental Agile Testing Principles

This tutorial provides testers and test managers with an overview of testing on agile projects. Attendees will learn how agile software development projects are organized, and the various types of agile development practices in common use. They will understand how agile development differs from traditional approaches, the fundamental agile testing principles, practices, and processes, and the skills they’ll need to excel in an agile environment.

This tutorial is ideal for testers experienced with traditional software lifecycles, entry-level testers with an interest in agile testing, and experienced developers with a lot to a little knowledge of testing who work in agile projects.

Testers, test analysts, test engineers, test consultants, test managers, user acceptance testers, and software developers working in agile organizations will find this course useful, informative, and fun.


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