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ANIS - The Employers’ Association of the Software and Services Industry

ANIS supports the development of the Romanian software and services industry, an engine of Romanian IT progress, sustaining Romanian economic growth. Through its actions, ANIS contributes to helping Romania become one of the regional leaders in software production and an acknowledged international exporter of high standard software products and IT-enabled services. One of ANIS’ prerogatives is to act as a point of access to any information regarding the Romanian software industry.

BAIT - Bulgarian Association of Information Technologies

The Bulgarian Association of Information Technologies (BAIT) is the biggest, most representative and influential branch organization in the field of information and communication technologies in Bulgaria. Established in 1995 by seven founder-member companies, there are more than 170 company members presently in it, the greatest part of which are leaders in the field of hardware, software, the system integration, telecommunications, Internet and other fields of the ICT market at the Bulgarian market. The mission of BAIT is to protect the interests of its members by applying information technologies for priorities in the development of this country.

BASSCOM - Bulgarian Association of Software Companies

BASSCOM is a non-profit industry association of more than 40 advanced Bulgarian software development companies recognised for their high-quality services offering sophisticated information systems, IS reengineering, IT consulting, complex B2B solutions, e-business, e-learning and wireless applications for industries incl. Academics, Aerospace & Defence, CAD/CAM systems, Charity, Construction, Entertainment, Finance, Freight Forwarding, Healthcare, Insurance, Telecommunications & Tourism; and large track record and reliability as professional business partners. The companies are well-organized with a focus on high morality of people involved, customer satisfaction and good project management and offer high flexibility, short time-to-market and professional development of complex and creative solutions, the development of CMMI and ISO standards being their business philosophy.

JISA - Union of ICT Societies of Serbia

The basic goals of the Association are:

1. To improve informing on new technologies with the "JISA Info", edition which represents the official magazine of the Association. The magazine JISA - info is the first domestic periodical publication for transmitting and presenting scientific IT about computers, scientific-professional solutions in the field of IT, computing and telecommunications. The magazine JISA-info publishes original scientific editions from the field of operational logistics, software engineering, artificial intelligence, expert and informational systems, neuron nets etc., as well as beforehand reports, scientific essays on informatic acheivements in health wellfare, education, trade, commerce, science and etc.
2. To promote education of IT users by organizing seminars and specialized scientific-professional meetings with the aim to present new technologies and to prevent financing of old and low productive technologies.
3. Embetterment of communication between users with the aim to exchange experience by way of using new technologies, and by way of solid commercial and technical support to deliverers of the equipment.

SEPE - Federation of Hellenic Information Technology & Communications Enterprises

The Federation of Hellenic Information Technology & Communications Enterprises (SEPE) is a non-profit organisation, founded in 1995 by Information Technology companies. SEPE operates as an institutional interlocutor vis-а-vis the Greek Government, the European Commission and other bodies of influence, by providing valid and accountable advisory feedback, regarding the development of Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) in Greece and by facilitating the development of synergy alliances among its members. Over 400 companies from all over Greece are currently members of SEPE.

SIGiST Israel

SIGiST Israel was founded in June 2000, by Mr. Alon Linetzki, and was self sponsored, for the first few meetings. Today, after many meetings, out of which several were sponsored by Rad-View, Rational (IBM) and Mercury (HP-Software), SIGiST Israel, is reorganizing. The SIGiST board today includes also Mr. Yan Baron, Director QA & Testing Aternity, and Mrs. Debi Zyl-bermann, freelance and senior consultant in quality assurance and testing. SIGiST Israel meets every quarter, and the meetings are usually sponsored by testing compa-nies, quality assurance companies and tool vendor companies. Once a year, SIGiST Israel is conducting its yearly conference, and invites international speakers, and Israeli testing commu-nity speakers to discuss hot testing topics.

SIGIST Israel purpose and goals are to create a place in Israel were testing professionals can meet, speak on common issues, suggest solutions to common problems, and be a place were they can come up with a request for an answer, and get it! It aims to be the driving force and the trigger for recognition for the testing profession in Israel and is hoping to increase the aware-ness toward certification for the different levels of testing (using ISTQB certification scheme)

TUBISAD - Turkish Informatics Industry Association

Turkish Informatics Industry Association (TUBISAD), established in 1979, is the largest non-governmental organization of the Turkish private ICT sector, including industries and services, with a representative base of 95 % through its direct membership. The primary objective of TUBISAD is to act for the growth of ICT industry in Turkey, to be the voice of ICT industry in Turkey and to develop and faster relations with counterparties globally.


Polish Testing Board is the biggest non-profit organization in Poland building public awareness about software quality. The society was founded in 2003 as a community body for IT professionals. With 170 formal members and 200 associate, non-formal members the Association is able to reach the majority of Polish IT professionals active in the field of software quality and testing.

Besides building the awareness about software testing and quality, the society organizes periodic workshops, conferences and trainings. TESTER.PL is issued quarterly by the society and distributed among our members and associates. SJSI organize ISTQB certification in Poland. Almost 600 people passed ISTQB Testing Foundation Level so far. At least two times a year the Society organizes a conference for IT professionals interested in testing, software quality and project management.

SJSI Kolejowa 5/7 01-217 Warszawa, e-mail: sjsi@sjsi.org



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